“Mom and Dad have finally settled in.  They have met some really nice people and always say how wonderful everyone is who works there.  It is true!  I have met many employees and they are great.”
– Family Member of Newbury Court residents

“My mother has been hesitating over a move to a CCRC for at least 5 years.  Your staff made my mother and her family so comfortable and informed in such a short period of time that my mother put down her deposit and closed in 30 days from start to finish.  We have dined at Newbury Court a few times already and the food and service is spectacular.  My mother can’t wait to bring guests to show it off to her friends.  I expect you know just how remarkable your staff is but I wanted to drop you a note because too often people say “I need to let someone know how great someone is” but never follow through.  In any event, we are all indebted to your staff for their superlative work.”
– Family member of Newbury Court resident

“If you are thinking or planning to make a move like this in the future, don’t wait too long.  As a long-time resident of Newbury Court, I have observed many incoming new residents.  The ideal time to come is around age 80, when most are still hale and hearty, and able to participate and enjoy the many activities offered.” 
– M.T., Resident at Newbury Court for over 15 years.

“There is such an amazing sense of community at Newbury Court, where everyone cares about each other.  It feels like one big family.  The peace of mind that our whole family has, knowing that our mother is in such a loving place and that we are always so welcomed when we come there, is beyond priceless.”
– Family Member of Newbury Court Resident