Spiritual Life at Newbury Court

Memorial Books

Following each quarterly All-Campus Memorial Service, a Memorial Book will be published (in print and as a PDF document, links below). The books are collections of written remembrances about and photos of the residents whose lives we celebrated at each service. If you'd like to contribute a remembrance and/or photo to the books below, please reach out to one of the chaplains.

Click here to open the February 2021 Memorial Book.

Click here to open the June 2020 Memorial Book.

Click here to open the November 2020 Memorial Book.

Spiritual Wellbeing

Spiritual wellbeing has been at the core of The New England Deaconess mission from its beginning. Our care and concern for older adults reaches beyond physical and emotional issues to the eternal significance and worth of everyone.

Spiritual wellbeing is the affirmation of life in a relationship with God, self, community and environment that nurtures and celebrates wholeness.

Toward that end, two Chaplains are part of the staff, and ecumenical/interfaith religious nurture and experiences are provided for residents, families, and employees.


At our Concord Campus, Duvall Chapel is a place for regular worship, religious observances throughout the year, and individual meditation and prayer. Funeral and/or memorial services are also provided there. Weekly ecumenical worship services are held in Duvall Chapel on the Newbury Court campus. Many residents attend the Sunday service (during COVID-19, we have two small services to allow for proper social distancing), while others view it on the live video feed on their televisions in their suites/rooms or on Zoom. Some residents are active members of their faith communities and attend services at churches in the surrounding towns.

Sunday Worship:

10:00 AM and 11:15 AM:   Ecumenical Christian Worship Service, Duvall Chapel and Broadcast on Channel 918 & Zoom - contact a chaplain for Zoom link and info

Spiritual Life Newsletter and Calendar

News, reflections, and schedule of events from the Spiritual Life department (PDF copies): 

*The Spiritual Life Newsletter will return to a monthly publication schedule in February 2021*


Pastoral Care and Counseling

The Spiritual Life staff members are here for the spiritual wellbeing of residents and staff. We are available for spiritual care and counseling on a drop-in or regularly scheduled basis.

The Spiritual Life department supports a variety of faith traditions; Christians of various denominations, Jewish, Islamic, and other traditions and perspectives. If there is a need for a spiritual caregiver from a specific tradition, we can refer as desired by the resident and assist in making those connections.

Support Groups

One of the blessings of community life is the support we can offer to one another. At Newbury Court, we co-host a monthly caregiver support group for residents and families as they care for loved ones experiencing memory issues.


Spiritual Growth

Residents learn and share together at a weekly sermon and worship feedback groups called "Chapel Chats," as well as at "Seeking the Spirit," a book discussion group that changes topics seasonally. There are also weekly “Spirituality Circles” at The Gardens & Rivercrest, where residents can share their faith, questions, and find spiritual care and support.

Hymn sings and other musical offerings are popular parts of the activities of the Spiritual Life department. Occasionally, van trips to a retreat center for a day-apart for spiritual formation are provided. Please note, during COVID-19 these activities have not been taking place.

Spiritual Life Activities

A typical calendar of the spiritual life activities of Newbury Court can include:

  • Sunday Worship
  • Meditation groups held in-person and broadcast throughout the week
  • Weekly "Seeking the Spirit", Newbury Court
  • Weekly Newbury Court Chorus Rehearsals (resuming March 4th at 11am!)
  • Weekly Sing-A-Longs, Rivercrest and The Gardens (not currently meeting)
  • Weekly Spirituality Circles, Rivercrest and The Gardens 
  • Monthly Caregiver Support Group
  • Monthly Grief Support Group (not currently meeting)
  • Special Presentations and Events
  • Discussions and presentations on end of life care and planning are also held frequently.

Contact the Chaplain’s Office

Rev. Sarah Hathaway
Director of Spiritual Life/Chaplain
Office: 978-402-8240
Mobile: 978-394-3774
Rev. Kristin Rinehimer
Office: 978-402-8238
Mobile: 978-844-3149