The faithful support of people like you brought the Deaconess Abundant Life Communities from 1889 to the present.  Generous, sacrificial givers like Mr. Charles Emerson in 1910 and many others since then have made it possible for Deaconess to bring creative, compassionate care forward into the 21st century.  Our future is being created today by both the gift of time and resources from friends, residents and their families, employees, churches, local businesses, and other organizations.  In each of our communities, we strive to nurture the mind, body, and spirit in an environment of dignity and respect for the lifelong contributions of our residents.  Join us in this important work — your gift does make a difference! 

There are many ways you can give to the Deaconess Abundant Life Communities:

  • Make a Cash Gift during our annual year end or Memorial appeals, or at a time convenient to you and be recognized as a member of one of our Giving Societies. Explore increasing it through a corporate match from your employer. 
    Cash Gift Donation / Remittance Coupon

  • Honor a loved one on our Giving Tree with an engraved leaf. 
    Giving Tree Invitation Form

  • Make a Commemorative or Memorial Gift
    Herb Taylor Scholarship Fund

  • Create a Deaconess Charitable Gift Annuity and receive income from your gift! For a customized illustration of how a Deaconess charitable gift annuity can benefit you, contact  Jean Rumrill, at 978-369-5151. 
    Legacy Society Form
    How do Charitable Gift Annuities Work

  • Plan a Bequest to Deaconess in your will and become a Legacy Society member.
    Legacy Society Form
    Making a Bequest

  • Make a Major Gift and be recognized with naming rights in our new buildings. For details, contact Jean Rumrill, at 978-369-5151.
  • Make a Gift of an Asset such as real estate, stocks, or life insurance. Please contact us so we can work with you directly.

  • Participate in a Special Event like the Deaconess Annual Golf Tournament or the Newbury Court Resident Art Auction.

You could also spend some time with our Director of Development to explore ways the match your interests with our dreams.

If you or your financial advisor would like additional information about ways you can make meaningful gifts to Deaconess as part of your current and long-term financial planning, please contact Jean Rumrill, at 978-369-5151. You may also print our donation form and mail your gift to us at: Deaconess Development Office, 80 Deaconess Road, Concord, MA 01742.


Volunteer opportunities include: arts & activities, reading circle, pet therapy, transport, Reiki, music therapy, floral arts, and friendly visitor. Placements are most attractive to individuals interested in health careers, nursing, pre-med, and for general volunteer opportunities.

To become a Newbury Court volunteer, applicants must be available to make a minimum commitment of 50 hours of service, be at least 14 years of age, and be available to volunteer 3 hours weekly.

For additional information or to schedule a personal interview, contact Rita Staniar at Newbury Court/Rivercrest, by calling 978-402-8256, texting or calling 978-394-4752, or by emailing