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You love living at Newbury Court.

The last thing you want is another move. Yet, we understand there are times when you may need an extra hand or two to be as independent as you possibly can. That's why we offer Enhanced Living at Newbury Court.

Enhanced Living makes it possible for you to stay in the home you love. It means we are here to assist you in your home. Our customized service packages are provided when you need them or want them. We work around your schedule. And there is no end to what we can do. Enhanced Living at Newbury Court is simple, seamless and supportive. And, if you are the caregiver, Enhanced Living helps you both.

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See what our residents are saying about our Enhanced Living Program 

"I have been so impressed with the Home Health Program at Newbury Court, that I wanted to share this "discovery" with you and to thank you. Because I've been in good health I haven't required extra assistance, and although I've been conscious of many people helping residents with daily activities, I didn't realize what a wonderful "safety net" we have here. 

Last month I developed pneumonia, and went to Emerson Hospital, then to Rivercrest for rehab... When it came time for me to return to my apartment, Ellen Reusch was completely ready - she had attended the planning meeting at Rivercrest, and was in touch with their staff; she had arranged for me to have crucial help each morning, based on what I needed at the time.  The young women (Donna and Letitia) arrived promptly at my door, offered skilled help and  encouragement, and extra support - "Can I drop off the trash on my way out?" and really made it possible for me to get back on my feet again.  I was amazed to learn of the extent of their activities - each one, and others in the program probably, helped at least 14 or 15 people each day!  All this was going on under my oblivious nose. 

Ellen was invaluable also in coordinating my medications not only with the Hospital and Rivercrest, but also my own primary care doctor  in at MGH, and helped me navigate my way back to being able to do it myself.  Being taken care of was very supportive; helping me back to independence has been a great gift.  Karen and Lenore were right there also - their teamwork is superb. Thank you for this wonderful program. Sylvia"


Emergency services are also readily available at Emerson Hospital just around the corner. It's a comfortable feeling to know that quality medical care is available should you ever need it.